colored sugar

Summer is winding down, flowers are fading, leaves are changing ever-so-slightly.

The month of August was simply perfect weather-wise, though if you were to ask the cucumbers and tomatoes, they might say “brrrr.” And so, fewer tomatoes than usual. Not enough cucumbers for making pickles. Sigh.

But the black-eyed susans had a banner year, as did the Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate. I swear I have a forest of it out there, towering over my head and making me smile. I’ve yet to take a picture that shows it off properly, though I keep trying.

Life is a flurry of activity and I am a busy bee with graphics work, a new photo technique class, and jewelry creating.

Let’s hope that in the end, I’ve made some honey.


Wishing you a week filled with sweetness.





Thought it was going to cool off with us but set to have temps in the 90’s this week (groan). We need a good storm to break the heat and humidity. Wishing you lots of ‘honey’.

this is how i think of you. in the garden, surrounded by flowers. even in the winter, i see the coming spring behind you.

thank you for sharing it all.


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