color week: green

Jacob’s Ladder, laddering….

Lovely green hyacinth vase…

Shy little spider…

Rims of jadeite bowls….

Frilly, curly fern…

My favorite market tote…

See more thoughts on green as part of my color series in poetry and collage here.

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My favorite, favorite color

lovely, lovely…especially that frilly fern!

Gorgeous greens! The fern is stunning! I like to photograph my garden and glass as well.

Love the green and purple bowls, great photos!

Gorgeous greens! The shapes of that fern are just stunning.

Joyful, lovely images. The fern really is beautiful.

The vase and the fern had me at ‘hello’!

the last two are great!

kelly … your work leaves me speechless …
(don’t tell kim ~ she wouldn’t believe it! ~ i’m rarely lost for words 😉

i am totally in awe of the beauty and artfulness
of your images … each and every one …

i LOVE how you see and how you capture what you see …

your colour collections are … BRILLIANT!



I love the light through the hyacinth vase and the jadeite bowls especially – so pretty. I have a tote of green floral fabric too and I love it – eco-friendly shopping is a great reason to have even more lovely bags, as if I need an excuse!

Lovely curling fern – so dainty as it’s new fronds emerge.


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