January 11, 2012

the soul in bloom

Isn’t it nice to see flowers? Not that I’m seeing these out my window, this is a photo I took last fall. But sometimes you just have to remind yourself that the world won’t be grey forever.

In truth, I cannot complain about the weather, it has been an extremely mild winter so far.

But enough about me. I wanted to tell you about something wonderful today. A friend of mine, Graciel of Evenstar Art fame, recently asked me to participate as an instructor in the fabulous e-course that she is offering!

It’s called

The Soul in Bloom

Home Edition

and it’s going to be wonderful!

It began as a question:

Where do you feel most at home?

and evolved into a quest to find the answer.

Below is some info from the sign-up page, or click here for full details.

“So, I took that question and walked among the trees. The trees told me it was time to honor all aspects of home; my body as first home, my dwelling as second, the earth as third. In honoring that trinity I would finally and irrevocably come home to myself. And being at home with myself would transform my life.

I ask it of you ~ where do you feel most at home? Let’s find out together. Come home along with me. Let’s bloom.  xo, Graciel”

I think it will be a wonderful journey!


Last year I had the best time working with Graciel in designing her magazine series: The Soul in Bloom (available here). It was such a joy to work with so much beautiful content. Graciel has an incredible way of looking at the world, at nature, at life.


Would love to have you join us!