and so that was christmas…

It was a white Christmas, so there was that. There were no cookies, though, baking day having been spent at urgent care with my husband, followed by a home repair emergency.

There were no family visits on Christmas, no going to my parents, and then to my husband’s mother’s, no seeing the siblings all gathered together, no Christmas ham.

But still, it was Christmas.

Ours sons took extra-good care of us, and now we are hoping that this flu doesn’t hit them up.

Things are quiet. There are all-day-long fires and movie marathons and reading marathons.

I read a fabulous book, The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman, it’s a story that will make you cry, about life and love and mistakes and forgiveness.

The day after Christmas was a blizzard. We have 10 inches of white stuff, my little outdoor tree has snow caps that make the fairy lights glow like magic.

It’s almost a new year. 2012 was a mixed bag of ups and downs, nothing terrible for us personally, but many tragedies to mourn in the outside world.

Today, I breathe in the powerful scent of these paperwhite narcissus every time I walk by my kitchen table.

And they smell of hope.

Big, beautiful hope.

Imagine that.





when you return to talk about hope, i begin to breathe easier. and yes, christmas comes no matter what.

What we know for sure is that each Christmas is different but you found the love in this one, had good care, good books, fires burning even if the cookies didn’t get baked. Keep resting, get well and look forward and keep sharing, I enjoy your words & sweet images so much!

Breathing in hope, love how you are always so positive. Sorry you were ill over the Christmas Holidays, that can’t have been fun. Movie marathons going on here in OH too. :0)

So sorry you were both sick 🙁 I too had the flu last week.

Honestly inspired by the way you ended this post. xo

a testimony for christmas being kept in the heart, no matter what.

and wowser, you’ll say, our christmas just flu by!

p.s. when you finally make your poetry book, pleae, oh please put this photo in it. i MUST have it!xo

Sweet. I hope you are feeling better 🙂

It’s so good to see you back ,I’ve missed you 🙂

You make my world a better, more beautiful place. Thank you.

Some years are just like that, is all. I’m sorry that yours had you both sick. Hoping 2013 is a beautiful one for you.

Oh Kelly..I do hope you’re feeling better!! Wishing you and yours all the best for the up and coming new year!

I’m so sorry you had to spend Christmas in urgent care. Hope you’re both feeling better! Here’s to 2013 and the ability to see the sweet things in life.


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