an apple a day

I haven’t been back to my trail since the day a took this picture. It’s been too long and I’ve been too busy and once again, exercise has taken the backseat to life. And I keep promising myself I won’t let that happen, only to find that two or three weeks have passed and there I am, wondering where time went, again.

The older I get, the more precious time becomes, and though this shouldn’t be a giant revelation, it feels like it keeps getting harder and harder to fit everything in that I want to accomplish. I’m learning to be more careful with the ways I spend my time, trying to find ways to do it all.

An apple a day, small doses of maintenance, small parts of hours or days devoted to what must be done, mixed in with what I want to do.

Sometimes this works, and other days, there is simply too must that must be done. But I am grateful for all of it, the busy times, the rainy days, the I-can’t-get-aways. And I keep moving forward one step at a time, picking my way through that apple strewn path, careful not to twist an ankle.

There is food right before me. Nourishment. And none of it is picture perfect. But it’s all beautiful. Sometimes you just have to find the right angle of view. It takes 60 seconds to eat an apple, but a whole year to grow one.

Those are little rubies of time laying there on the ground, food for the taking.

Delicious fuel.

And there is still more to walking to be done.


Wishing you a weekend of beauty.






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