advent {day 2}


Today is decorating day. Boxes will be opened, old friends
greeted with smiles, new scents will fill the air.

Christmas carols will echo through the rooms,
or favorite old movies will keep me company as I work.

My husband thinks I’m crazy to go to all this trouble.
And I will make a big mess.

But it’s all worth it.

The month of December will look more sparkly
and magical than any other month of the year.

At night, after everyone has gone to bed, I will sit on the couch
in front of the fire with fairy lights for company.

It will be all I need.




I am joining Debi over at emmatree and Graciel over at evenstar art
with a daily Advent Calendar post. Join us?


if i close my eyes, i can feel the twinkle from those fairy lights.

The lights are my favorite part of christmas. I spend hours in the quiet just looking at them.

you have inspired me to give it a try this year…and yes, there will be a mess. xo

i am picturing you now, with the fairy lights & fire. companions for the rest of the month. definitely worth it.

Now this is how I see December too. I decorate a little later than you, though. But I love this!

Amen! So cheery.


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