a color series: red

Red is scarlet, vermilion, burgundy, rose.

Red is raucous and riot, crimson and season.

Red is the color of intensity’s song.

Red is sanguine and blowzy and keeps our hearts beating.

Red is berry and cherry, the apple of my eye.

Red is rouge and warm lips, and makes no apology.

Red is ruby and valentine, romance and blush.

Red is ritual and sacrifice, sound of life’s breath.

Red is door and desire, deliberate and pounding.

Red is fiery and loud, the pulse of compassion.

Red is heat and hope, blood and sunrise.

Red is cardinal and carmine, love and lipstick.

Red is mother to maroon, pink’s incarnation.

Red is telltale, mysterious, sly.


RED! Next to Blue, my favorite color. Besides all your wonderful descriptions of red, I find it BOLD, BELLIGERENT, AND ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL. Also, I remember reading in a magazine, I believe it was Mechanic Illustrated, back in the ’50s, pertaining to popular colors for automobiles, red was one of the most popular car colors, according to the article, because the color RED was SEXY.

[…] I while back I created my own color series in poetry and collage, you can find my red post here. […]

well, let’s hear it for red and for comment boxes as a way of getting acquainted – even with those we already know . . .


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