a color series: orange

Orange is friendly, ebullient, flame and feather.

Orange is citrus and cream, ochre and fortune.

Orange is the color of embers at dawn.

Orange is apricot visions and two kinds of passion.

Orange is pumpkin and candy, the ripe scent of autumn.

Orange is auburn and carrot, antithesis of gray.

Orange is tangerine and sherbet, children and sunset.

Orange is single, stands tall, and gives no one rhyme.

Orange is lily and luster, butterfly and kitten.

Orange is lewd and lascivious, the smile of clown.

Orange is oreole, parrot, terra cotta and time.

Orange is peach and coral, cheeky and brilliant.

Orange is father of yellow, close to golden.

Orange is happiness, jubilant, high.


Such a joyous color. It’s also – in the world of yoga chakras – the color of creativity!! Wonderful image!!!

Is that Miss Charlie? Love the colors.Never saw orange as being so pretty.

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