June 1, 2015

phoenix, rising


a window



let’s soar




March 2, 2015

love grows

and it seems to me

that is the magic

the miracle

the light

of life




January 25, 2013


flying was never the question

to soar or not to soar
was only a matter of time
quiet hunger
and growth

singing was always the answer

stringing notes
along branches
like berries

sustenance and hope
twisted together
into a melody

so much more than






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October 15, 2012

tree hugger

Can you hear the silence?

January 27, 2012

pinning is the new black

What if there was a place you could go anytime you needed a giggle, or some beauty, or a bit of artistic inspiration?

Source: noupe.com via Kelly on Pinterest

  (By Camil Tulcan on Flickr)

A quiet place that you can fill with things that you love,


things that make you smile,


things that make you think…

Source: ffffound.com via Kelly on Pinterest


On Pinterest, you can find a new recipe to try, or a peek at your favorite movie star if you’re into that sort of thing, or a billion new hairdos, or the cutest baby pictures ever. That’s the fun part, you collect images that speak to you, and it becomes a picture of who you are, in the most fundamental a-picture-says-a-thousand-words kind of way. It’s social media that shows who you are on a completely different level than facebook or twitter.

And then you start finding images that you know your friends will like. My good friend Debi (of emmatree) and I have been laughing at all the kittens (and cupcakes, but I won’t torture you with those), how much they are killing us, how much they make us laugh, how much we can’t stop looking at them…


And I know that she loves this color…


I know that my friend Graciel of Evenstar Art loves owls…


And well, this could go on for days, but you get the idea. It’s interesting to see what you find yourself drawn to, the images you choose to pin on your own board make up a small vignette of who you are.

Debi and I decided we would both write about pinterest today, you will love her, she is the best writer. Her story is here.

And it’s also nice when you find some of your own images that other people have pinned…


That kind of made my day, a little… (thanks, Janet!)

You can find me on pinterest here. If you are there, leave your link in the comments so I can follow you!


Wishing you a weekend filled with beauty, inspiration, and lots of smiles….