September 28, 2015

of blood moons and shooting stars

It grew late and I was tired and there were clouds threatening to obscure my view. But eventually, it all worked out, and I sat beneath a star-filled sky and watched the moon eclipse and just as it was almost there, a shooting star raced down the sky.

And I was so glad I’d stuck it out, so glad I’d brought the camera out even if I didn’t get the tripod set-up, and so happy to just sit there and watch the super-bright moon turn all mysterious and orange and red and beautiful.

There were no pictures of the full eclipse, none that came out anyway, but I don’t mind. Eventually the cloud cover did move in, so I wasn’t able to watch the shadow pass through.

Even so, it was a perfect evening, clear and cool with a magic-filled sky and a cricket-filled yard, and a gratitude-filled heart.

I’ll remember it, always.




August 3, 2015

ordinary august magic


She kept her heart

at the center

of everything





July 3, 2015

deep in the elderberry forest


the sun shines blue and the moon glows cherry

the stars are always ripe and the birds are always merry

the sky is the only blanket you need

and flight is as easy as breathing


wishing you a weekend filled with colorful dreams




February 25, 2015

a tiny scrap of ordinary magic

I’m kind of loving how the white ribbon I tied to a basket of grandbaby gifts last night is sporting a slight stripe of pink-mixed-with-blue in this morning’s light. (We don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl, it’s going to be a surprise.)

And I’m kind of loving that last night, while wrapping the gifts, I was struck once again by the fact that I’m going to be a grandma.

A grandma! Something to smile about.

So, a baby shower this weekend.

Something to look forward to on the last day of this oh-so-long month.



February 6, 2015

wish you were here

this is the view out my window just now

and i couldn’t help but think of Pink Floyd’s song, this line:

we’re just two lost souls living in a fish bowl, year after year

it’s a pretty view

so, there’s that

and i’m going to pretend those are mountains


wishing you a weekend filled with magic




February 4, 2015

rainbows round the moon

I’ve seen halos around the moon before, but never a rainbow-colored one. This photo doesn’t even begin to show what it really looked like, but I was glad I bundled up to go outside anyway, though I wished I’d planned ahead and thought to set up my tripod.

But we take the moment we get, and this was mine last night, a moment of extraordinary, a gift from February, or a bribe, perhaps, trying to win me over.

And my heart did melt, just a little.

Perhaps we’ll be friends after all.