well, hello…

The other night, I looked out the kitchen window, and saw an indigo bunting in the driveway eating seed. That is the first time I have ever seen one in my yard, and only the second time I have ever seen one, period. They are the most beautiful blue color. (If you’ve never seen one, click here for a photo)

Unfortunately, by the time I ran to get my camera and made it outside, he was gone. So, no photo.

But, since I had my camera at the ready, I decided to walk around the yard a bit, and look who was in the front, gathering nesting material. Cedar waxwings are one of my favorite birds, (look how gorgeous!) they are, in fact, the bird I have tried the hardest to attract to my yard, planting a mulberry tree and elderberries with them in mind. I have spotted one or two on occasion, but never regularly.

This one clearly has some plans to stick around.

There were others as well, the mulberry tree has berries just now, so I think they were having a little feast. None of the pictures I managed to get were fabulous, but I don’t mind… just seeing them in my yard was gift enough.

I am a crazy cat lady and a crazy bird watcher.

These two things do not necessarily go together.

I am having another insanely busy week.

I seem to have a theme going here, with all the crazy.

But I have a smile on my face.

So, there’s that.


Happy Wednesday.





Ah! I have never seen EITHER a bunting or a waxwing, except in pictures. I love the waxwing! How cool!! Are your cats indoor-only? What is the white fluff in the photo?

Sooz, I have one cat that goes outside during the day… so far he hasn’t gone after the birds too much, but it is something I worry about.

I think the white stuff is cottonwood… though I have no idea where it came from, but the waxwing had plans for it!

i just want to touch this bird – how soft he looks. they are here just every once in a while, on their way to warmer climes in winter, i believe. what a wonderful thing to have them as guests. and indigo buntings! i just smile seeing that name.

So exciting, we have ravens, mountain chickadees, woodpeckers, every blue moon magpies, steller’s jays, robins, hummingbirds, and nuthatches (to name a few diurnal birds) here in the subalpine zone of the Rockies.

I love indigo buntings . . . they are gorgeous. We used to have one visit us when we lived in CT but I haven’t seen any here. Don’t worry, you’re not alone with the crazy bird/cat thing, hey I’ve even thrown a pup into the mix!

Having a smile is what matters! Great capture!

Me too … crazy cat and bird lady! Love them! And your sightings were awesome!

I had Indigo Buntings at my old house but not my new one. I miss them (along with the frog songs). But I see waxwings when I walk along the river by my new house. I didn’t know that mulberry trees are what attracts them. Hmmm…


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