walking in a winter wonderland

On Friday, the sun came peeking out for a bit, a moment my husband and I took advantage of by taking our dog for a walk around the block. At 2.5 miles, it is just the right distance to get some exercise and not get too cold.

All the fresh snow glittered and sparkled in the sunshine, the birds were out and about singing happy, and it was so good to feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

I am still in full-on hermit mode, yesterday was spent in front of the fire, reading and catching up on paperwork, quite boring, really. Although, at no point was I actually bored. I can’t even remember the last time I was bored. There are so many things I want to do, always. And when I choose to do nothing, which is rare, it is a welcome respite from the normal pace of my life.

These moments don’t last, these moments relaxing before the fire in winter, these moments when the sun peeks out in the middle of a storm, these moments walking through a magical afternoon.

Which is exactly what makes them precious and memorable, despite their perfectly boring, ordinary countenance.

Boring but not bored. Quiet but not silent.

Walking hand in hand with winter in

solitude but not alone.


Yes, those moments are what sustain us for the crunchier moments in life…I savor them also, & am so glad that you receive the gift of this time so openly.

Oh yes, I know those moments, and they are quite precious in their rarity. I’m glad your recent cabin fever has resolved itself into this.

I, too, have been loving the crispness of the air and th white landscape this week. The cold doesn’t seem to be as bothersome when the ground is covered with sparkles.

that shadow almost seems to twirl; reminds me of a ballerina standing toes together, knees bent. i see a lot in this deceptively simple shot. you are good. and i wish for you all the hermit time you want. just enough, not too much.

This photograph is absolutely gorgeous!
I’m in hermit mode too. So, so very cold here. Difficult to want to do anything outside 🙁

Sounds great, when you wrote “Boring but not bored. Quiet but not silent.” it really resonated with me for those words could sum me up.

Oh, I need to embrace January and the weather the way you do.

Sigh,isn’t this what the wintery months are for? – enjoying the silence and solitude that being surrounded by snow only accentuates. Its our opportunity to replenish, take stock, to reflect and ponder anew… other seasons rarely offer such bounteous opportunity! Enjoy… I know I am!!
Hugs xxxx

so pretty kelly ..and yes solitude but not alone ..that I know so well


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