the sunset of summer

will be long, we have almost a month before it sets on the horizon,

a month to wave and ponder and make our plans for autumn

all the colors and the apples, the apples are my favorite,
i only eat them in the fall.

yesterday, my friend debi wrote about autumn, her autumn

and i started thinking about how much i love
the changing of the seasons where i live,

each one so distinct, so different, sometimes not a gradual shift at all,
but a sudden plunge into the next one

and how i would miss that if i lived somewhere more temperate,
i would miss the snow, yes, there, i said it.

i mark my time by the seasons, each year that passes broken into fourths

each month part of a season, in my mind if not in actuality,

and autumn is my favorite, if i have a favorite
though there are things i love about them all.

i will make sure to spend hours gazing at this sunset,
the sunset of summer.

i will cherish its beauty, take pictures in my mind,

but my heart is already embracing cider and cool nights

and blue jeans.


Well said, Kelly. It is my favorite time as well; these next few months contain a nice mix of all the seasons, but when autumn comes to crescendo, the colors and scents of final harvests holding us, filling us until spring comes again, that is heaven spread upon the earth.

i am reading this over pizza & a coke and with an outside temperature not yet 80 – well, maybe now. it is later than i realized. our first day in weeks with no heat advisory. it feels good, and we will only make it into the 90s today. even better. perhaps i am learning to embrace autumn a bit – yours sounds fabulous. i will use it as a model. xoxo and ps – that is one gorgeous luscious image up there.

Oh, I remember from my one year in New England…Very lovely indeed.
And yes, I like snow too (there! I said it,too!), but jumping in the car & just driving has won me over. 🙂
Love the photo too!

I have never thought about it as – the sunset of summer. How lovely that sounds 🙂 Beautiful image as always.

Autumn is my favorite season too and I’m already seeing signs of it making an appearance, yay!

This post allowed me to breathe … Thank You

I love autumn, and pretty much everything that comes along with it, but I can’t say I love the snow. If only autumn could last till spring, with a brief 2 days of snow for Christmas

texas autumn is a bit warm but a change just the same..your blossoms are divine here

I love the term “sunset of summer”. Autumn is my favorite season as well.

ahhh what a lovely post and I can’t get enough of that beautiful image! I love autumn..I do..the smell of autumn, the change in the leaves, the brisk air and ahh yes those jeans ♥


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