the sun and the moon

{august break no. 12}

Last night I was cranky, so I went outside to take it out on the weeds, which really helped. After an hour of yanking and pulling and hoeing, I felt much better. So much better that I decided to grab my camera and head down to the swamp to see if there were any herons hanging around.

There was just one, standing on one leg in the water, and I snapped just one shot before my husband pulled up next to me on his way home, and inadvertently scared it away. Which almost made my crankiness return, but the funny squonking sound they make always makes me smile–so it all evened out.

I declined my husband’s offer of a ride back home, and hung out for some more photo-taking, although nothing was really grabbing me. I was waiting for the light to change, for a beautiful sunset, for something inspiring.

Eventually, I started working my way back up the hill towards home, and the scene in this photo is what I saw. My house it just out of the frame on the right. I love where I live. I really do.

And on this night, at just the right time when I just happened to be walking by, the sun and the moon came together to paint this beautiful landscape of light, and suddenly, I wasn’t the tiniest bit cranky at all.

Lately, I’ve been revisiting my favorite children’s books by Cooper Edens, they are filled with the most wonderful phrases and illustrations (if you follow our facebook page you may have seen some of them quoted there), and my favorite one is called Now is the Moon’s Eyebrow.

And that is exactly what it was.


Masterpiece; that is all there is to say.

kelly, i simply love this post. eyebrow it is.

I can so relate to this post, I can see how pulling weeds would help and I love the image you captured.

Isn’t it wonderful that such simple things can bring pleasure and happiness! That photo is outstanding!

this feels infused with magic – no wonder you live there. or did you bring the magic when you came? ahhh . . . no doubt.

Quite lovely picture

so soft and dreamy ..moon always does that ~

Beautiful!! There are too few moments when the sun and moon align – and all is perfectly right with the world just as it is!


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