the scent of spring

Over the weekend, first my husband and then my son asked, “Are those lilacs?” No, though I wish they were. But what smells more like Spring than a hyacinth?

You wouldn’t have known that Spring is just around the corner by looking outside, we had high winds on Saturday and then snow on Sunday. But it was a cozy, stay-inside couple of days, good for catching up on chores and beginning a bit of Spring cleaning.

I’m also beginning to gear up for our first jewelry show of the year in April, beginning to gear up for spending time in the garden, and on Friday I went running for the first time in what seemed like forever. Of course, on Friday, it was 50 degrees outside. Still, we are making baby steps, it is freezing again today, but by Wednesday, it is supposed to be 60. So there’s that. March has already been more colorful that February.

Blue skies will soon be a regular commodity rather than an occasional treat. The birds knew this well before I did, the robins and goldfinches also made an appearance on Friday.

I guess it’s a good sign that there’s not much more to talk about than the weather just now, although I feel rather boring.

Hopefully, I’ll be waking up in more ways than one as the temperatures rise, sending out new growth, reaching for the sun.

Sending you wishes for a week filled with the scent of Spring…





For me hyacinth’s are a Christmas flower. They are almost only sold before and during Christmas here in Sweden. I’ll go for the lilacs 🙂

Here in the south, we’ve been spoiled nearly all winter and nature has been tricked into thinking it never even arrived, but tonight…what is expected? below freezing temps…hopefully all that new energy will survive!

sending you those same wishes, back – it is definitely time for a tune up. thank you so much for this post.

beautiful ~~ as always!!

What a lovely shot! Spring can come anytime.


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