so much depends on the weather…

So our first show of the year was a trial and a success, and that is almost always the way it is. Doing outdoor shows is fun and exhausting and gives us a chance to meet new people, but the bottom line, truly, is that it all depends on the weather…

Which I guess is true of so many things in life, and so you learn to go with it, to live with it and be thankful, because it could always be worse. Saturday, the first day, started out rainy, but cleared up by the time the show opened and turned into a lovely, though breezy, day. Sunday was a complete washout. Our tent was soaked (although we were luckier than some, whose tents actually collapsed overnight), we were soaked, our feet were cold and wet and freezing, all of the earring cards got so wet that we will have to replace them all! (yikes) but still, we had fun, my sister and I, and sales on Saturday were good, and in the end, it was a fair show and we were glad to get the season started. The photo above shows our view from inside on Sunday, which is a sight you never want to see during a festival: an empty street.

Our thanks to everyone who stopped by, it is always so nice to see your faces. And it is always nice to meet new people — one of the things I love best about shows is how friendly and engaging the people are, customers that become friends, other artists that share stories, the camaraderie and helpfulness.

The thing I like the least about these shows is theft. We had a $75 bracelet stolen in the first two hours of the show, and that is always so disheartening. Last year we had something stolen at almost every show. So after it happened on Saturday, we spent a lot of time pondering how we could alter our booth set-up to make it harder for someone to grab something and walk away.

Theft is always bad and wrong, but when it is something you made with your own two hands and poured your heart into, it just feels like an extra hard slap in the face, it feels so personal. And when it is just you and this person in a 10×10 booth and you greet them with a friendly smile and a “How are you?” and then you look away for a second, and when you turn back, that person and a bracelet are gone, it feels so personal, so frustrating, so defeating.

But, we have learned to carry forward and learn from those experiences as well, and hopefully the changes we have in mind will make a difference.
And all of this, the weather and the theft, confirmed my commitment to try selling on the internet, to focus more on that, put more effort into that.

And I try to stay positive, I want to stay positive, I don’t like to complain or seem ungrateful. I love interacting with our customers, the feedback and the comments, it is so rewarding to have someone say, “Your work is beautiful.” And I am thankful and grateful for that.

Then on Sunday, just when the show was over and it was time to tear down, the sun came out and it was beautiful, and we all laughed and shook our heads, because no matter what we humans think or say or want to do, Mother Nature has her own ideas.

And now my feet are warm and dry, and it is Monday and a new week, and the sun is shining, and I wish you all a wonderful, wonderful day…


oh my gosh kelly…so sorry to hear someone robbed you… i just can’t understand people…
sorry about the rain too…. but your attitude/outlook totally ROCKS…

you are AWESOME!! xxo, kim

Hi Kelly, Just stopping by for a visit from Flying Lessons. Your jewelry, blog and website are all so lovely! I took a PMC a couple of years ago and loved it. So many ways to be creative — so little time. xoxo Valerie

Kelly, I’m so sorry about the theft and rain. It’s inspiring to know you didn’t let the setback take more than it did. Stay positive. Wishing you a wonderful week. -Mia

I think you are amazing to have such a great attitude thru this trying experience. Your idea to put more focus on internet sales is probably a wise one. I wish you much success in staying an independent artist.

I’m so impressed that you actually putting yourself out there and doing this. Yes – sometimes discouraging…but sometimes well.


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