I love the calm that this photo exudes,
I want to step into it and live there for a while.

Perhaps I’ll sit on a stump and gaze at the water as bugs skitter over the surface, look up at the sky as a heron flies by all blue and majestic, close my eyes and listen to the birds sing songs of joy and warning.

If I squint, I can see myself there, half-hidden in the trees.

Come, sit with me,
we’ll talk about life and
wait for the stars.


i am on my way. this is lovely.

it looks peaceful and tranquil!

I’m on my way … wait for me!!!

A meditation in and of itself. I can envision myself in a canoe, at rest under the trees, perhaps with a book, and me drifting in and out of a peaceful, dream-like state where all is as it should be. Blessings, lydia

I’m on my way… what a beautiful place to sit for a while.

Love this shot, stepping out into it with you. Have a wonderful weekend.

I love sitting by the water and dreaming, wondering about life

so magical

This is so gorgeous! Where is it?


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