Sometimes you just have to stop everything and vacuum, you know what I mean?

Yesterday I planned to catch up on a whole bunch of things, blog posts, guest blog posts, paperwork, etsy listings, my flying lessons e-course, and more. And I did accomplish a good deal of that in the morning. And then suddenly, I found myself vacuuming. Not just my daily routine vacuuming, which is a 20-minute stint through the downstairs to keep the hairballs from becoming tumbleweeds. No, this vacuuming session started in the basement, which is not a finished basement, but a storage basement since we have no garage. And it has needed a good vacuuming for, well, months…

So that took me two hours, I didn’t just vacuum, I cleaned and organized and tossed. And then I headed to the second floor, which is my son’s room, and yes, he is in charge of vacuuming there, but if you are a mom you know that every once in a while you have to go and do it yourself because, well, a 24-year-old is just never going to do the edges or under the furniture. And then I moved down to the first floor, which, as I said, I do every day with my little cordless vac, but once a week or so I need to move furniture and get the edges with the big loud, noisy, heavy, vacuum as well.

All told, I vacuumed four hours. It was quite the workout.

But it felt so nice to have it done. And of course, all the other things that I was planning to do still need to be done. But sometimes you just have to stop everything, and yesterday was that day. Sometimes your priorities get determined by life. Sometimes they get determined by love. And every once in a while, they get determined by hairballs.

At least now I have a clean backdrop to work in. And that feels good.

Really, really good.


I love this post! It is so true! You wrote it in a such a adorable way that, although I know it was not an easy ‘job’, I thought, oh vacuuming might be fun after all ;). Hm, next time I prepare myself for the vacuuming I’ll think of this post and I’m sure I’ll be in a better mood and more inspired to do it. PS: and now you have the whoooole time to do the creative fun! Good for you!

Kelly, it sounds like you and I had a similar day yesterday. I found myself sweeping and steaming my hardwood floors, decorating my home, and doing a lot of errands. And you are right, it does feel good to have a clean backdrop to work in. -Mia

P.S. Your latest jewelry pieces are fabulous!

That happens to me alot as well! I just let things accumulate around me (there always seem to be something else more exciting to do than cleaning!). Then one fine day I’ll get that inspiration to have them all cleaned up! And does feel good! =)

Oh man with two dogs, three cats *and* three kids I have to vacuum daily to keep the hairballs at bay. In fact — it looks like I need to vacuum once again! Enjoy it while it lasts!


Such a beautiful post and i love the way you wrote it! Sometimes is nice to drop everything and do some thing different. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

wow! that is some marathon vacuum cleaning??! i bet it feels nice and clean-
and i do actually think this is a part of the creative process. you’ve sort of cleaned the slate and now things are clear…
i’m jealous of the cleanliness! 😉

oh yes, sometimes a good cleaning is what is needed. I love to get to the bottom of my to do list for the house, such a clear feeling. makes mental space for art, so it is all good.


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