pretty in pink

I spent the weekend working, I was a given a rush project by a client who was in a bit of a pickle, and since I really, really, really need a new computer and to upgrade all my software, I said yes.

But I didn’t peek my head out from behind the computer all weekend.

I have so much to do (as always) and not enough time to do it.

There are weeds the size of small trees in my garden. (I’m not kidding). It’s time to get out the fall decorations. I need to get more things listed on etsy. It’s time to get out the long sleeved shirts and the flannel pajamas.

It’s time to stack firewood. And put the fans and air conditioners away. Almost time to close the storm windows.

My house needs a very thorough cleaning. I am behind on laundry. My mailbox needs replacing. That one last section of the house needs painting. The basement needs to be swept, the windows need to be washed.

I need to schedule an appointment with my doctor about my migraines. And one with my dermatologist about that spot on my face, and one with the dentist for a cleaning.

I really need to sew a new slipcover for the chair in the living room. And replace the rug on the floor. The woodwork all needs repainting, and there’s that squeaky hinge on the door.

Not to mention that the holidays are right around the corner!

Whew! Well, you get the picture.

Perhaps what I really need to do most of all…

is stop and smell the flowers.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How was your weekend?




Yes… Take care of your migraines. And what?? Holidays?!

He, he, he, I can so relate. I feel as though I have a list a mile long and not an ounce of engery to tackle any of it. I have a mountain of ironing to do after being away and it’s threatening to engulf me if I don’t start it soon.


The summer went by too fast. Spent this weekend (and all my weekends) writing Morning Sun and trying not to beat myself up for not being farther along with the revisions.

Then I visit you here, reminding me to stop and smell the flowers. And beautiful flowers you have. Thank you.

Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you well, wishing your migraines will listen and go away for you.


Marvelous texture work!! 🙂

I love pink! For so many years I thought pink was too girly…and I wanted to be a tough girl…but with age comes wisdom…and an appreciation for all things PINK! Great photo 🙂


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