Oh my, last week ended up being so crazy that I forgot to post on Friday. Well, I didn’t completely forget, I started a post, and then my photo hosting site wasn’t working (which is the way the whole week was going) and I decided to wait and come back and try again in a bit and then, well, next thing I knew, the day was over.

Here’s hoping this week is calmer, sillier, and saner.

My mom got me this toad house as a gift, and it just cracks me up. When I was working in my garden this weekend I came across the biggest toad I have ever seen. As big as a coffee cup. My mom will cringe when I tell her that, she is not a fan of the toad. I think they are cute.

Besides, at this point, anything that eats snails and slugs is a friend of mine. If only I could train my naughty kitten to hunt them instead of the birdies. Although he does do a pretty good job with the grasshoppers.

One of the tree frogs that live in my window boxes came out to help me mulch this weekend as well. He stuck his head out of the reservoir at the bottom and watched me for awhile, then suddenly he pulled himself all the way out, hung on first with two hands, then one, and then let himself drop down onto the bag of mulch I was working from.

I’ve always wondered how he got up and down from there. I suppose that drop is much easier than climbing down with those little suction cup feet.

I let him hang out with me for a bit, but then I put him back in his home because naughty kitten was lurking about, and he is also quite good at hunting frogs.

Yesterday we went to my brother’s house for a lovely Father’s Day/70th birthday party for my mom and her twin sister. We had a great time.

It was a busy, lovely weekend, so much better than the busy, crazy week that preceded it.

Wishing you a week filled with colorful smiles.



Well you certainly started my week off with a smile when I paged down and saw this photo! Adorable! Happy Monday!

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I love your scenes from a garden. I am jealous you have frogs and toads as none live at this altitude.

Oh this made me smile 🙂

I’d love a week full of colorful smiles. Thank you for that wish. And I love your mom’s gift.


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