it could be worse, it could be raining…

And yesterday morning, for a while, it did. Not nearly enough, but at this point, I have to assume that anything at all will help. Our grass is very thirsty. The trees are very thirsty. My garden has been watered, but that is never the same.

When I got out of bed, instead of the sunny day that I had intended to spend gardening, I found grey skies and soft rain. And just like that, I changed my plans. I decided to take a day off, from everything.

I puttered and perused, drank tea and relaxed, curled up in my favorite chair with a book. And oh my, what a book.

I chose The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, after hearing many good things about it. And it was perfect. Just exactly the book I have been looking for these past few weeks. An unforgettable book. A beautiful book. A book that will change you just by reading it. In many ways, it’s a very sad book. A heartbreaking story that made me cry more than once.

I finished it last night at around 10:00 o’clock. And then I sat in my chair and thought about how blessed I am to simply be here. Alive. In a comfortable chair. Inside a home that has air conditioning, even if it is only window units. Well-fed from the simple, lovely dinner my husband and I cooked together.

Life is hard for all of us at times. But it is so easy to forget that even when it is hard, it is still life. And no matter how hard it gets, it could always be worse.

I sat in my chair and I was grateful. For nothing at all except the breath I was taking.

I walked outside and stared up at the stars, and I couldn’t find even one fault.

For that, John Green, I thank you.



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How beautiful…I recently read a nonfiction book that posits (based on a great deal of research) that gratitude creates joy not the other way around.

Just put this on my “must read” list! Love the painterly effect of the photo!

I’m reading God Is at Eye Level – Photography as a Healing Art by Jan Phillips. A tip from Robin. A very nice book. It is always nice to get new books on ones reading list.
Love the image.

love the photo and the post processing!

This is beautiful! Simple gratitude – for all that we have..and not regret for all that we do not!


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