inner glow

the golden light of autumn
that can bring me to my knees

sunshine felt more precious
as it plans to migrate south

ghost pumpkins by the roadside
sing the opposite of orange

leaves fly by post haste
tumbling through to destination

gray peeks through bare branches
with faint whisperings of winter

tall grasses dance the tango
in a crisp unfaltering breeze

green takes a bow
as it leaves center stage

withered flowers

call encore


That is lovely, lovely… thank you : ]


That’s beautiful.

bravo and encore – both said from position of standing o.

so beautiful

Yes; bravo! Encore! Well played; always a fresh adaptation of the seasonal comings and goings.

bravo ..encore is right!!


I love how you brought fall to life…It’s like they not only put on a “show” for us, but for themselves as well…

Your posts have a way of taking me away from my daily life into a magical world.

Your words are as beautiful as autumn itself!!!

oooh, the ghost pumpkins made me shiver. a delightful scary shiver with cold winds flying past. love this!

thank you for this…as always a gift… beautiful autumn.


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