in like a lamb

It may be snowing outside, but March arrived with promises of spring. A slight shift in sunshine, days that last just a few moments longer, seed catalogs piling up on the coffee table.

Promises, promises, we’ll see where they lead.

Change sidles by in tiny increments, plans demand to be made. I dream of flowers and green, sunshine and bare feet, birdsong filtering through open windows.

Not yet. No, not yet, but one page turn of the calendar closer, and today, that is enough.

We had a lovely weekend with family, plans blooming there for a wedding.

Everywhere, hope grows.

Life circles and cycles and comes back around, almost always returning to love.

The ever-changing constant.

The sky to my garden.

The everything of everywhere.

The light.





Long before life there was love ~

Your post reminded me of a song by Rosanne Cash on the Black Cadillac CD, ‘I Was Watching You’.

do you dream of toenails for those bare feet?

I look for promise in the light as we move toward spring….there is more light now and after this weekend even more.


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