in february, color hides in small places

you have to look hard to find it,
pink and purple, blue and orange, yellow and green.

sometimes, you have to buy it.

flowers from the market, pretty bits of paper from the craft store,
a floral scarf.

but i can’t be mad at february for being grey,
forced to stand there in the cold and mud and slush
doing nothing but waiting.

it’s not her fault, she being the shortest month
that always, always becomes the longest month.

i’m sure that given a choice,
she would have preferred to be june.

perhaps she needs flowers more than i do, after all.

next time, i will buy us each a bouquet.


You’re so right . . . . why is it that February always feels like the longest month? Maybe all that grey stretches time out.

Oh, you are so kind to February.

February has been unseasonably warm here in Ohio and since February has given us a break perhaps I too should give her a break and buy flowers. Lovely sentiments.

february. not here, not there. bless her heart and buy her flowers. love this. and you.

This is lovely!

I’m going out to the store and buy Feb. a flower…………..

So true – that February tends to be grey. But – I saw crocuses unexpectedly popping their heads thru the ground. Spring has – maybe? – sprung!!!


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