i’m in love with a petunia…

I know I’m not supposed to be, in the gardening world, petunias are often considered to be, well, mundane.

Still, I am in love with this one. That color! And those three-inch blooms… It’s a new variety that I started from seed, and the photos in the catalog most definitely did not do it justice. Plus, it smells delightful, especially in the evening. Sigh….

It was another incredibly perfect weekend weather-wise… and I spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday in my garden. Actually, it was a pretty perfect weekend all the way around, one that ended with my favorite meal, grilled salmon topped with jalapeno/hot pepper jelly sauce. (My husband has become quite the grill master.)

My son came for a visit on Saturday, he and my husband golfed, and then we had a nice cookout followed by a fire in the firepit. It was one of those evenings that you would order if such things could be ordered, clear skies, a crescent moon, perfect temperatures… and fireflies everywhere. My son kept catching them in his hands for me… and I smiled, remembering how he used to do this as a little boy so long ago and is still doing it now, at 26. My, how time flies…

The kitty reunion went well, (that story is here), and everyone was content and relaxed and enjoyed the first weekend of summer.

On Friday afternoon, I ran six miles, which finally puts me back at my pre-surgery “regular” distance.  Then, my sister and I took my mom out to dinner, and to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. My mom got a big kick out of the movie, and we had a really nice time.

Quite simply, it was a weekend filled with bits and pieces of all that I love best.

And that is a beautiful thing.


Wishing you a week filled with things you love.

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petunias and marigolds and fireflies . . . it sounds like a faublous weekend. xoxo

Oh, I love the sound of your weekend. I want someone to grill me some salmon, catch lightning bugs and sit under a crescent moon with me.

* sigh *

Gorgeous ! Sounds like a great weekend. The 6 miles is killing me HA, Good for you!


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