hot hot

Summer chooses to roll in with a vengeance, with temps in the low 90s predicted for the next few days.

My garden doesn’t know which end is up this year, one week we reach 90, the next week we go back to 50s or 60s…this is the way it was all Spring.

Somehow, the trees and plants and flowers learned to adapt, keep growing, blooming, living.

Though my tomatoes would be much happier if it stayed warm.

Resilience is a very good thing, indeed. And quite necessary to survival.

Another lesson my garden teaches me.

Air conditioning helps as well, though in truth, I have a love/hate relationship with it. It certainly makes working and sleeping more comfortable, but I miss having the windows open, listening to my birds and breathing in the smells of summer.

All the same, I choose to be grateful for what I have, we didn’t have it for many years, and I spent many hot hot afternoons working in my studio.

These days, my gardens calls to me, inviting me out to play, teasing. But work must come first, and so, I buckle down and do what needs doing. By August, I will be happy to stay inside where it is cool.

Golden day lilies, red poppies, and purple lupines stand just before this bed of lamb’s ears, all visible from my window.

So, there’s that. And really, very little to complain about.

Hot hot, cold cold, sunny, rainy, winter, summer.

It’s all so very, very good, this thing called life.

Breathing. Being.






What a lovely post of gratitude.

I have the same love/hate relationship with air conditioning. We caved and put it on last night, it does help with sleep and work. I am working my way to acceptance… : )


oh, this image! their little tongues are hanging out, panting! they’re waving their arms, trying to stir up some cool air. i love it. LOVE it! and i love summer!!

Wonderful post and I share so many of your feelings! Just this morning I’m shutting the windows and I so hate doing it, but with forecasts of almost 100 here in NYC it’s gotta happen! Love hearing the city sounds…your photograph is awesome!

It’s been that kind of summer – one of extremes. I see Robin’s comment and hope my NY son is okay. He has no air conditioning. His only relief is to go out on the roof of the warehouse he lives in. I love the shot of the flower. Such wonderful colors!


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