here comes the sun…

Well, not exactly, we have another rainy week in the forecast. But I am remembering the drought of last year, and trying not to complain. Everything is my garden is twice at high as last summer. Obviously, the plants aren’t complaining, either.

But the sun peeks out every so often, yesterday was beautiful and sunny and I spent the day outside, tidying up another section of the jungle. Once again, it has all gotten away from me, too much garden and not enough time. But it’s okay. I will just putter my way through the beds this summer, and it will be what it is.

My beautiful mess.

My husband and I sat outside last evening and laughed at the green herons with their funny sounds and goofy antics. My son was here for most of the weekend, and we all had a nice, quiet time. And even though I did some serious spring cleaning and some heavy duty gardening, I also did lots of reading, and it was relaxing.

Sometimes, it’s good to just use your hands, sweat a little, and whistle while you work.

Or sing, whichever the case may be.


Wishing you a week filled with music and sunshine.





I will take that wish and send it back to you.

This photo makes me so happy. It feels so simple & yet magical.

Randomly, intrigued by the idea of green herons. I have seen herons, never green ones!

What a cheerful post. The weather here is similar but there’s no reason to complain. Enjoy ~


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