good day sunshine

It’s true, the sun still exists. I was starting to wonder there for a while! I am having issues with my knee (that may require surgery, ugh) so I have been experimenting with my camera a bit. Rather than physically squatting down to take a picture, I just held the camera down to the ground and aimed it up to a place I thought would work and let it shoot and focus on its own. I got a lot of crazy shots, but then I got this one as well, which I love.

I have a feeling this is going to be a fun new experiment. And my knee will be happier for it.

All the Spring flowers are finally blooming, daffodils and tulips, hyacinth and bleeding hearts, even a few forget-me-nots. Don’t you just love forget-me-nots? The color of the sky, so sweet and tiny…

We are finally getting things in place for our jewelry shows, the first one is just one month away! Yikes. The next few weeks will be crazy, getting back into the groove for that first show. It’s hard to believe that summer is so near. Hard to believe that it is already May. Wasn’t it just January yesterday?

Ah, time flies…

Here’s hoping we all find a little time to stop and smell the flowers.


Sorry to hear about your knees. Have fun getting ready for your first show this year.

Beautiful photo. I have also done the exact same thing (due to bad knees …lol). Aim the camera and let it do its thing. And surprisingly, it has worked quite well for some shots!

I need to try your trick – my knee may thank you

we need to MAKE time for that


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