fortitude and grace

The days have shifted into short and grey and cold and bare. Flocks of birds land on tree branches and pose as leaves. Winter has begun to whisper through the tall grasses in my garden, making plans for her arrival.

The landscape has once again changed its color palette, not asking for permission first, not letting us choose from paint chips or swatches, just taking it for granted that we will embrace these subdued tones. And we will seek out the golden glow of lamps and fires inside at night, we will huddle against the wind and rain as we walk from our houses to our cars, there will be homemade soup for dinner at least once a week.

November. No longer wearing the colors of autumn, yet not quite ready to pull on its winter coat. A month of thanks and transition, of putting away and settling in, another month of days and hours and moments. It’s harder to find the beauty in November. But not impossible.

There is a stillness in the air, a waiting. Nature holding its breath. I see old bird’s nests resting in the tops of trees, neighbor’s houses I can only find when the leaves have fallen, fields of soil, ploughed under, ready and waiting for spring.

November’s beauty is in the shadows, in the contrast of gold on grey, in the lace of branches silhouetted against the sky. November doesn’t have all the pretty accessories you find in almost every other month. No jewel tones, no flowers, no twinkling lights. No butterflies or daffodils, no rainbows. Just pattern and repetition, change and change and change.

I move through November, my birth month, quietly. December is a loud month, and I need to mentally prepare.

November knows this and holds me gently, easing me into winter.

There is strength there, just below the surface

of this month that knows me best.


If there is such a thing as a perfect post, this just might be it.

Your photograph captures November beautifully. Beautifully written, happy birth month. Wishing you a lovely week. ~Theresa

Kelly!! You did it again! Your writing takes my breath away and grabs hold of my heart! Thank you for your beautiful words!!

You write so beautifully, I love how you talk of the quiet November brings, preparing us for the noise of December. Happy Birthday.

here i find leaves on the ground, posing as birds. here november is at last wearing the colors of autumn, but the autumn winds pull them off as soon as they appear.

this is so wonderfully told, the stillness, the waiting. i am in the midst of writing about november myself, taking a break to visit here. i promise to stick to my own tale. xoxo

Thank you for helping me see the beauty of {and in} November! Love your words:)

reminds me of many humans I love.

I feel that stillness just reading your post

Kelly, thank you for this November moment. I am drawn to these lines:

November. No longer wearing the colors of autumn, yet not quite ready to pull on its winter coat.

May your birthday month be a wonderful one. May December bring you and all your readers happiness and joy.


love your november … in Tennessee it’s grey as well … with a bit of a different bite!

Beautiful as always, happy “early ‘ birthday

I have never known November until now; it is as though I am newly born into its presence. Ineffable is insufficient.

Your photograph is stunning! And your words equal it!

a soul filled description of where you are .. i hope that your last show is a huge success and lots of fun!!


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