for the birds

This has been a crazy, crazy week, I have been working
almost around the clock.

Which is kind of for the birds…

But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do…

It’s officially autumn. We are gathering firewood for the winter,
and sitting by the fire with a good book
sounds really good right about now.

Actually, sitting anywhere with a good book sounds nice…

Gotta get back to work, if you get a chance, stop back tomorrow
for a little something different…

What are your plans for the weekend?

Tell me something fun!

:: :: ::



work sometimes gets in the way of all the good stuff. weekend plans, photography session, wedding, and maybe a flea market. hope you weekend is wonderful.

What a lovely birdhouse.

With my show just over a week away I’ve been hunkering down and working on a bunch of journals in preparation. I need to spend the weekend digging out my tent, weights, and all the other gubbins that you have to take to an outdoor event and I’ve also got to do price tags for everything.

I’ve heard that there’s a craft fair happening this weekend locally so if I have some time I’m hoping to go take a look. Have a fun weekend.

I am eager to get outside myself. I just want to feel the wind blow on my face.

something fun? good wine. skip the book!

So enjoyed Marci’s interview with you!


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