last night i stood outside and watched a thunderstorm
pass us by in the distance.


the lightning was beautiful behind its veil of clouds

and i invited it into my garden,

but apparently, the party was somewhere further north.

i should have asked it

to dance.


We had a huge storm here during the evening with wonderful rain, really cooled things down! Hope you get some soon .I love this beautiful little pot.

Oh…how we’re all craving rain!!! And – what gorgeous light in that image!

Another morning, watering my plants; all week the promise of storms that just skipped by, leaving us dry. I’m afraid the rain has a full dance card.

I love watching lightning in the distance but in these days of drought, I keep hoping it visits me more often, too. Hope your garden gets the rain it needs soon!

I love stopping by for my morning smile (I am not a morning person so this is a big deal to me). Thank you!

So, yeah…I am running out of superlatives….

I love the last line.

Perfect title!

Have a thunderstorm rolling through here at the moment. I’ll ask it to head back your way and make sure to have its dancing shoes on.

That’s funny. I did the same thing last night – only I didn’t have such a pretty lamp to keep me company.


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