fairy lights and muddy nights

I finally got all the decorations down, and now I miss the tree, or more precisely, I miss the light filling that corner of the living room.

All the snow has melted, and there is mud everywhere I turn.

I’m still not feeling back to “normal,” which actually makes me laugh because in truth, I can’t remember ever feeling normal, but you know what I mean.

But I do have a lovely amaryllis blooming on the kitchen table, and baskets of fairy lights in all the darkest corners, and soon it will be cold again, the mud will dry, or freeze, or get covered by a pretty blanket of snow.

Last night I took the dog outside and there was the moon, almost full, lighting my way. Orion was there as well, (my favorite constellation) offering his shoulder for her to cry on. But, instead, I thought I saw her smiling, as if we had a private joke between us.

And that’s what I’ll remember about yesterday, not the mud, or the greyness, or the little bit of dizziness that keeps creeping up on me when I least expect it.

I’ll remember that moon and her wry midnight smile.

She knows all the best stories.



this image just makes me so happy – i have no words to tell you how much. and that moon – what a wonderful friend to whisper in your ear.

and the girl with the red dress that sits on that moon knows all!

The best part is, the Moon keeps all those great stories to herself…


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