elderberry pie

It took me 26 years to lure cedar waxwings into my yard. They have been here all summer, first when the mulberry tree offered its fruit, and now I see them on and off throughout the day in the elderberry bushes.

When I planted these bushes, it was not for pie or wine or myself, but simply for the birds.

I built this garden for myself, but as time has passed, it has become a haven for those same birds and butterflies. I moved mountains of earth to form soft beds. I mapped out paths and viewpoints and seating areas. I made lots of mistakes, planted lots of plants that don’t want to grow in this place, and learned as I went.

Our little microsystem has its own personality, its own foibles, its own perks. It requires constant care and maintenance, and much of the time, does exactly what it wants.

But when I sit in the back after a long day of work with my feet up and the sun going down and that perfect golden light filters through those purple berries, this is all the dessert that I need.



i haven’t had breakfast and was afraid to read this, sure you would lure me to pie and maybe chocolate to begin my day, which, of course, sounds fabulous now that i say the words out loud, but instead you offered words. even better.

Sounds perfect…a beautiful way to end the day 🙂

Shades of Frederick Law Olmsted – you are a woman after my own heart. So wonderful!

Yum, yum elderberry pie


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