dip tops for dinner, waterfalls for dessert

Last night, my husband and I drove to our camp so he could mow the lawn. I rode along to keep him company, and help keep him awake on the drive (he gets up super-early), and also, a little, because the place that sells dip-tops (the kind of ice cream cone that gets dipped in chocolate) is on the way there.

He mowed, I took some photos, and then we both had ice cream for dinner. Hey, it’s summer. We smiled, as we sat there eating ours, at the little Amish boy in bare feet and straw hat frantically licking a cone of strawberry ice cream half as big as his head.

After our “dinner,” we decided to stop at a glen just down the road and admire the waterfalls. The parking lot we pulled into was filled with teenagers, complete with one standing behind a blanket held up by a friend as she changed into a bathing suit. It was a hot day, and clearly, everyone else in town (or at least everyone under the age of 25) had the same idea.

My husband led the way up the stream, he is a much more graceful water walker than I (so I was glad to lag behind, taking pictures–the one above is my favorite). Even the shale (I think it’s shale?) that we were walking on was pretty…

We walked as far as the first waterfall, and thought briefly of continuing on, but decided to come back another time and bring our dog and make an afternoon of it.

My husband brought him here once before, and he actually climbed up these ledges, which is funny because this is a dog who is afraid of absolutely everything. Except, apparently, waterfalls. I can’t wait to bring him back so I can see him climb for myself.

Such a beautiful place, tucked off a side street right in the center of a tiny little town. I’ve been through here a million times in my life, and never stopped before. There is a little sign on Main Street, but otherwise, you would never know it was there. I have a feeling the town kind of likes it that way.

It was fun to get our feet wet and cool off a bit, and act like a couple of teenagers for an hour.

I think we need to do that more often.



I adore this: gorgeous photos, beautiful story.

Please do! And bring us all along again. I’ll pay for my own ice cream. 🙂 xo
~ j

kelly! this is a gorgeous place. and yes – gorgeous photos and wonderful story. i LOVE the picture of your husband water-walking. a keeper. 🙂

So refreshing!!

What a perfect hour! Love that picture of hubby walking in the stream!

an oasis made special by you and your camera!!


Kelly, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing the moments. I think I’m going to stay a while and watch the water fall, the sunlight peeking through the leaves. -M.

Waterfalls — I never tire of their crashing sound and the coolness that wafts up around them.


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