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Summer is just flying by, and I am squeezing as much living out of it as I can. Reading, enjoying sunsets, breathing in flowers, dining al fresco, watching thunderstorms roll by.

There is much to be done (as evidenced by the weeds crawling up through the daylilies) but I pull myself away from it all to enjoy these golden days as much as possible.

There will always be weeds. Floors will always need sweeping, jewelry needs making, wood needs repainting. It’s all there on my list, waiting for my attention.

But who can turn away from that light and that perfect sky and and these flowers that live so briefly?

And so I sit, watching, listening, absorbing, relaxing.


Now there’s a word for you.


Wishing you a weekend filled with time and light.




Nice. I’d also like a bit more time for basking, but like you, I’m making time for it when I can!

Happy Summer!

All the rest will wait. Bask away! It would be the waste of so much beauty not to!

Have a wonder-full time 🙂

Enjoy my ‘dear’ you deserve it 🙂


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