cleaning day.

The cookies are made, the gifts are wrapped, and today is cleaning day.

Tomorrow my daughter arrives. Tomorrow is also pierogie day.

Making pierogies is a labor of love, it takes forever, but I don’t mind as long as everything else is done so I can relax, sing christmas carols and get into the zen of rolling and stuffing and folding and boiling.

I resisted learning how to make them for years, it seemed like so much work. But my husband’s family is Ukranian, so pierogies are almost a requirement. A few years ago I finally caved in, and pierogies have become one of our Christmas Eve traditions.

My husband tells me that mine taste just like his grandmothers.

I took that as the highest of compliments.

So there will be pierogies and a nice dinner with my family, and then my daughter and I will watch A Christmas Story which has also become a Christmas Eve tradition. My son and my husband may watch it as well, or they may hang out outside, doing guy things. And every once in a while they may come to the front door to sing us some Christmas carols. This year, our second son is not able to make it home for Christmas. He will be missed,
it won’t feel quite the same without him.

::     ::     ::

I am wishing you all the very merriest of holidays, however you celebrate.

May your heart be filled with wonder and
your house be filled with love.

::     ::     ::


it sounds like fun and love all rolled together. and i see those chocolate snowflakes – lol! ALL the cookies look incredible!

you are so organized . wrapping begins for me today for sure…it takes so long…
i hope that you have a very special holiday kelly big hugs!! elaine

Love, peace and harmony to you too, and a very happy, creative year 2011!

Wishing you and your loved ones (near and far) a wonderful Christmas.

I. Love. Pierogies. Love them. Not many people around here even know what the heck they are, but when I visited Chicago, they had fresh handmade ones in the store to take home and cook — divine.

Enjoy every moment of the holiday!

I love hearing about other people’s traditions, and this sounds lovely. Thank you for sharing.


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