baking day.

Saturday was supposed to be baking day. And then I pushed it back to Sunday. And then I pushed it back to Monday.

I can’t push it back anymore, so today is baking day.

For real.

I’ll be here, baking for the next two days.

Chocolate Chip.
Toasted Walnut. Cranberry.
Gingerbread. Sugar.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Sandwiches.
Chcocolate Shortbread Snowflakes.
Chinese Chews. Pistachio Shortbread.

I’ll let you know when I’m done so you can
come by for milk and cookies…

What is your favorite holiday cookie?

:;     ::     ::

In the meantime, today I am over at Inspiration Studio
with a tiny holiday message for you.


i am just a plain old sugar cookie gal. with sprinkles.

there is no christmas dinner in my family – let me cry on your shoulder a bit, lol! we will have pizza on christmas eve when we open our gifts (i really, really hate that, but i am outvoted always), and that’s it. if i am lucky, my sister in law will bake an apple pie for me to bring home, which is fabulous. i eat up your words for the fantasy christmas they represent to me. and they are goooood! xoxo

Please do, as all of these sound so yummy! Your photograph here is absolutely gorgeous!

oh my word, that is alot of baking! I have some holiday baking to do myself, but not that much. *whew*

My favorite holiday cookie is the eggnog cookie, although I have managed to make them properly only once. Usually, they turn into these funny pockmarked chewy things and I have no idea what I did wrong. So I will definitely be on over for some cookies! 😉

a n y t h i n g :: c h o c o l a t e

love the photo Kelly..enjoy the day..I am waiting until my daughter comes home…

if i do not make it back over here I wish you a wonder filled holiday my friend

Mmmm those all sound delicious, what I’d give to be in your kitchen. :0)

Oh everything on the menu sounds so good! I really love shortbread cookies with powdered sugar on top. Yum….

I can smell them from here. I like the old fashioned spritz cookies, the kind that melt in your mouth.

your photos are stunning and my mouth is watering


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