are you talkin’ to me?

{august break no. 10}

As a matter of fact, I was… I always talk to cows, don’t you?

Of course, they never answer, having much better things to do,

for example, they might be a having a cow, holy cow!

or they might just be waiting til the cows come home,

but they always look like they’re about to say something,

don’t they?


this one looks to be listening. you must be saying something very profound. 🙂

Thanks for that laugh this morning … very nice texturing!

He, he, he and I thought it was just me that talked to them. In fact I talk to most of the animals I photograph. I’m sure if anyone saw me they’d think I was a little crazy.

Ahhh, Kelly….. you are so good 🙂

I talk to cats

I love cows. Love how they look at me as if I’m nuts when I jog by their pastures on my morning runs. Love how at peace they are with the world around them. They remind a lot of my dad, who is a very gentle and slightly bovine person! Thanks for the grin today!

I like cows. =) When we are in the car driving past a field with cows in it, I roll down the window and call out, “Hey, cows!” to them every time. =)

You are so right Kelly, they look like they are about to say something…

Wait, I think I hear her talking to you again. Or maybe she’s just giving me that look!


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