april showers

As promised, all those showers did indeed bring flowers.
April was a month of rain and poetry, contemplation and planning,
learning and listening. I am ready for May with its
growth and green, hope and sunshine.
So very ready.

The shift was slow this year, from grey to color,
a long drawn-out session of watercolor painting
on a landscape that refused to dry.
But I have a feeling it was meant to be that way
for a reason I have not yet uncovered.

Perhaps it was a time to give myself time.
To surrender to all the things I cannot control,
to re-learn patience, acceptance, and gratitude.
Time to grow the strong roots that will
support me throughout the year.

Now, I feel like this daffodil, finally peeking out
from beneath the heaviest of winter blankets.

Raising my face up to the sun,
soaking in that warmth,
that light, that energy.


Along with you, my friend, I am so very ready.

Beautifully said. xo

The shift has been slow–I needed to read this today-oh–how I want to control even the seasons!
I am ready too–but with more gratitude…

I’ve never seen that colour on these flowers, nice capture.

interesting … thats what grows in my garden too…

love the treatment on the photo!!

That’s beautiful. Our garden is filled with flowers and colours now, but I remember that first daffodil a couple of weeks ago. I felt just like you!

Sun is energy, rain costs energy

I felt like April was holding out on me until the last week. Finally we’re surrounded by green (yay).

Words so true…and I’m ready, too:)

Such a wonderful analogy, and such a beautiful photograph!

Yes…it’s been a long slow month of April. Color – so slow to appear. So great to be finally May!

Oh, yes, so ready for the greenness of summer. Beautifully said!

the image is softer than rain can ever be

Was in Florida this past week for a spring break vacation…and so enjoyed the sight of flowers everywhere I looked! Hopefully April showers will give way to May flowers in Wisconsin!


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