and the winner is…

Laura Ludwig Hamor

Congratulations Laura!

I will contact you through email to get your delivery info.

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We had a great time at the Sonnenberg Arts at the Gardens Show
in spite of the fact that when we showed up on Sunday in the pouring rain, we discovered that it was also raining INSIDE our tent! Ugh.

After much scrambling and buying a tarp and the help of two wonderfully kind gentlemen, (more about that at Vision & Verb tomorrow), we managed to solve the problem and dry everything off and open up.

Thanks to everyone who came by.

There were new friends and old friends and lots of wonderful people.

One of the highlights of my weekend was meeting one of my blog friends, Graciel. I was a little nervous (it almost felt a little like a blind date!) but she was just the way I had pictured her. And I hope that now that we have met, we can arrange to see each other again. Thank you, Graciel, for braving the weather and that drive and for being the beautiful soul that you are.

And thanks to my purple rain boots, my feet stayed dry. The rest of me
was soaked, but you know, sometimes you just have to laugh.
And that is what my sister and I did, we made it through
and we laughed and had fun and so, in the end,
it was a good, good show.


it WAS a good, good show for the sole reason of having met you in person, dear kelly, and getting to see and feel and buy the gorgeousness that is blue muse jewelry. i am wearing my amazonite double-the-fun necklace as i type. mad love, i tell you. it’s mad love for your talent and baubles.

we will see each other again. 2nd dates are always more relaxed.

xo, graciel

It’s a shame about the rain, but I’m glad you had a good weekend nonetheless.

so glad the show and meeting went well..lucky Laura for winning your beautiful earrings..

Sorry to hear you got rained on but it sounds like you had a great time regardless.

Congrats to Laura.

oh kelly… oh my…..
thank goodness for dry feet…. that is HUGE….
and thank goodness you laughed, rather than cried…

that’s what i love about you…..’sigh’

xxo, kim

kelly i should have said…one of the things i love about you… 🙂

xxo, kim

This piece is soo beautiful! Congratz to the lucky winner! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


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