a whisper of green

It’s a color that’s still hard to find these days, well, actually, it’s color itself that is hard to find just now. There have been blue skies these past few days, and oh-so-welcome sunshine, and when I went running last Friday, there was this, a small patch of moss growing on a log in the woods, not whispering at all really, but screaming its presence out like a beacon.

It made me smile.

Spring has begun to whisper to all the trees and flowers, waking them up ever so gently with a little nudge here and a word of encouragement there.

She isn’t ready to get dressed for the party just yet, but she is bringing things out of the closet one piece at a time, in preparation. I like to think she dropped this small green kerchief as an offering, a promise, a sign of hope.

Soon, she says, soon.

If I put my ear to the ground, I hear music. A symphony of fresh, a concerto of color.

And for now, I am content just to listen.




I love the idea of the moss as a promise . . . I’m starting to hear the music too.

Such a dainty green kerchief; such a warm whisper of spring to bring us all contentment.

Love those words … put my ear to the ground, I hear the music.

Ahhh, yes, it is coming isn’t it. These little green mosses are so delicate.


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