a simple equation

one butterfly

one flower called kiss me over the garden gate

…surely that equals butterfly kisses?

::     ::     ::


I adore that photo. Makes me happy and peaceful just looking at it.

Beautiful and dreamy


Yes, you do this beautiful hazy color saturation, Kelly, that is just lovely. And your poems are so heart-ful! Thank you!

Beautiful photograph….
Butterfly kisses for sure!

this is …. truly soooo amazing… beautiful, my friend…

oh kelly. i would’ve kissed it also.

what a great image. i have no idea how you make such beautiful things. it amazes me. and your style is so unique. i’ve truly never seen images like yours. love the butterfly and flower together. btw, that is my favorite name for a flower. how romantic!

A winged angel from heaven, beautiful

what a stunning capture and processing …

Absolutely gorgeous capture and presentation.

Hey Kelly, when I look at this beautiful image, the words”soft spoken” ring in my mind for some reason. I know I could look at it all day.
Hope you have a terrific time at your jewerly show.

Yes..definitely butterfly kisses. Love the textures here.

so close up and personal … love this B Kiss

Absolutely gorgeous!


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