January 14, 2015


That seems to be where I am these days, standing at the intersection
of where to go next. Each year brings new possibilities,
each morning is one more step.

I’m never certain I’m on the right path, but I get up
and start walking anyway. You can’t stand still in this weather,
your feet would freeze in place.

I can’t see around any corners yet, and I kind of like that,
the not knowing. It keeps me focused on the journey.

Destinations are for December.

There’s a lot of road to walk between now and then,
a lot of moons to offer me solace.

I always know where I am, but never where I’m going.

I surrender to this wisdom and pick of pieces of life along the way.
A broken branch, a white pebble, an empty bottle.

Marking time as I fill all my pockets.





November 19, 2014

wednesday whisper…




March 5, 2014

wednesday whisper